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"I don’t remember my life before clay."

"Life is nothing more than a collaboration with time.”

"When I am reincarnated I'd like to come back as myself."

“Sculpture has no language barrier. Even a blind man can run his hands over my work and get something out of it.” 

"It is easy to have faith in the divine. The real challenge of existence is to have faith in oneself."

"My art is a celebration of the inherent suffering of consciousness."

"My humility mitigates my hubris."

"Existence is an exercise of self-indulgence."

"I’m not sure if I agree with myself."

"Delayed gratification is for later."

"In art as in life, it is the light that is important."

"On a good day I envy myself."

"It is never too early to be prepared."

"I am full of pith and vinegar."

"I speak softly, and I carry a big lisp."

"The great thing about quoting yourself is that you can't get it wrong."


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